AI Software is a Telerik Platinum Partner for since 2013. Our team consists of devlopers and architects with expert level knowledge in various Telerik Products such as:

  • Kendo UI Professional
  • Telerik UI for ASP.Net MVC, JSP, PHP
  • Telerik UI for ASP.Net Ajax
  • Telerik Report Server, Designer
  • Telerik Test Studio & Testing Framework

Telerik Kendo UI Professional Controls

Telerik Kendo UI Controls

Telerik Kendo UI is library of HTML5/JavaScript controls. Kendo UI has set of tools that can be used over various famous JavaScript frameworks:

Apart from providing toolset compatible with above JavaScript frameworks, Kendo UI provides TypeScript definitions. This greatly enhances the adaptability of Kendo UI controls within developer community. The modern web development occurs on lean stack of HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript with RESTful Web API services as back end. Modern web development is no more confined to learning a single language of C# or Java or PHP. (Though, some of our developers would argue that they can do everything in JavaScript.) Kendo UI provides the controls developed using JavaScript that can be used with ASP.Net, Java or PHP.

We work with several Industry clients as well as IT Products and Services companies to guide and help them with Kendo UI based web and mobile application development. If you are considering building a new web application or modernizing a legacy application, you need to consider following:

  • Are you investing in development tools that will survive through the life of application?
  • Will you find enough resources and support to fullfill current and future requirements?
  • Can your current development team adapt to the modern tools?
  • Will the end product be fast, user-friendly and responsive?

We help IT Application Managers, VP of Software Development and CTOs answer this question and make a better choice by comparing the tools available in the market.

Please Review Our Portfolio to see applications built using KendoUI for industries like Automotive, Healthcare and Energy.

Telerik Xamarin Forms

Telerik UI for ASP.Net MVC, JSP, PHP

Kendo UI controls are integrated with multiple popular platform for easier integration and making them developer friendly. If your current development stack is .Net or Java or PHP then Telerik has a version of Kendo UI that can be used with your choice of language - whether C#, Java or PHP.

Since the .Net is now open source, the applications developed using Microsoft .Net can be deployed on to any hardware or OS including Linux, Apple MacOS or even Raspberry Pi. Telerik has also stayed ahead of the game by having Telerik UI for ASP.Net Core.

The versatility of Kendo UI controls on various platforms is an encouraging sign for enterprises to invest into this modern development toolset.

For your next application, Contact Us to find out how we can utilize Telerik Kendo UI controls for your choice of platforms.

Telerik UI for ASP.Net Ajax

Telerik UI for ASP.Net Ajax Controls

The Telerik UI for ASP.Net Ajax is a new name for original RAD controls. They are used in web applications built using ASP.Net Web Forms.

Telerik RAD Ajax controls are the best 3rd party components among its peers. Telerik RAD Controls has dominated the market in Web Development since its arrival in 2007-2008. Some of the famous controls include RadGrid, RadScheduler, PivotGrid, Chart, RadDiagram etc. Our team has created complex line of business applications for several enterprise clients using these tools. Our developers customize these tools via its C# and JavaScript interface to meet application requirements. We also pay attention to ViewState and make appropriate use of the tool to create fast performing applications.

If you have any of the following question, please get in touch with us.

  • Whether Telerik UI for ASP.Net Ajax is right set of tools for your applications?
  • Should you invest in creating WebForms applications?
  • How to use a classic RAD Ajax Control within your MVC application?
  • Why your application slow? Is that due to RAD Ajax Control or poor practices?

We are often asked such questions and we help clients resolving these problems.

Checkout our portfolio to see the applications developed using Telerik RAD Ajax controls.

Telerik Reporting

Telerik Report Server, Report Designer

Telerik Reporting products include Stand Along Report Designer And Report Server.

The Report Designer is an extra ordinary tool to create modern reports with rich features of integrating Charts and Data. The reports can be stored as a C# class or in proprietary XML format. The Report Designer is an easy to use tool so that non-programmers can use it and create reports.

The Report Server allows to store the reports in its repository and schedule the execution. The server can send the final report output to intended subscribers at a scheduled time. The report server is a modern tool that will see many more enhancements in future.

Along with Reportingproducts, the Report Viewer can be integrated in various types of applications - Windows Desktop, Web, HTML 5 and Mobile. The reporting supports various Export formats. It is the only known reporting tool to support multiple tabs in Excel export.

AIS' value addition for reporting

  • We have created solutions to render dynamic reports that users can design and configure the location in database or application. This allows our clients to create new reports in future without republishing the application.
  • We have developed a Windows Service based solution that schedules and delivers the report w/o using Report Server. The scheduling can also be integrated with Azure Web Service scheduling.
  • Another dynamic solution that allows to pass the dynamic report parameters via JSON to Telerik Reports. The Telerik Reports use the JSON parameters to determine the data source dynamically. This approach allows the front-end HTML/JS designer to integrate any report anywhere in the application. And report designer can design the report and place it in solution without ever rebuilding the application.

We have reduced clients' development time in half or more by using Telerik Reports. Please Contact Us to find out how we can reduce your development time with Telerik Reports.

Telerik Test Studio

Telerik Testing Framework & Test Studio

The Testing Framework is a .Net/C# based API to automate the testing of your web applications. The framework supports various browsers such as IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. The challange of most of the modern testing framework is to handle the asynchronous Ajax calls. The WaitForElement(s) methods provided by the framework allow developers to reliabily test the Ajax calls. The Studio is a great tool to perform Testing Automation and Load Testing of web applications.

The Testing Framework is a free API.

Telerik Test Studio product helps to record the tests and generate the testing code using Telerik's Testing Framework API. The advantage of using Test Studio is to avoid writing the manual test cases.

Our team is experienced in setting up the automated tests for Web Applications using Telerik Testing Framework and Test Studio. If you need help with deciding the strategy for your Application QA Automation, please Contact Us today.


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