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AI Software is a Xamarin Authorized consulting partner since 2013.

Xamarin is a development platform to create native mobile applications using C# and .Net. Xamarin is based on Mono Runtime – an implementation of .Net. Native applications for iOS, Android and Windows can be developed using Xamarin.

Some of the advantages of using Xamarin for mobile application development:

• Ability to write common business logic in reusable library that can be shared between iOS, Android apps

• The UI layers can be developed differently for each native platform that allows better UI/UX experience specific to the OS

• Xamarin Forms can be used to share the UI layer code among different platforms

• Existing .Net code can be reused in mobile application by porting it to PCL (Portable Class Library)

• Ability to bind existing iOS or Android libraries using Xamarin Binding projects

• Productivity in C# .Net can be higher than Objective-C

Our team has developed mobile apps using Xamarin with several other platforms:

Xamarin and Salesforce

Xamarin & SalesForce

The SalesForce provides a robust API to query and update data in their standard and custom objects. Our SalesForce team designs custom objects and develops Apex triggers required for the mobile application. The app developers build the interface using SOAP or REST API as a backend.

Xamarin also provides component for SalesForce for quick integration. Our team’s capability is to be able to integrate SalesForce directly by consuming SOAP/REST or by using the SalesForce Component.

Check out the Apps on iTunes and the Google Play Store.

Xamarin and Azure

Xamarin & Azure

Microsoft Azure is a feature rich cloud platform with a readymade support for mobile services. Our team develops Azure enabled mobile apps using Xamarin platform. Our expertise include leveraging Azure platform, developing custom web services and Push Notifications.

Check out the Apps on iTunes and the Google Play Store.

Xamarin and  Magento

Xamarin & Magento

Magento is a popular open source eCommerce Platform. Our team includes developers with expertise in PHP and MySQL. They have vast experience developing and maintaining eCommerce sites with open source technologies like Magento, PHP and MySQL.

Our team develops custom web service API that can be consumed by Mobile Applications. We create SOAP based API to consume Magento data and consume it from Xamarin.


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