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Our web applications are used by some of the major corporates in US and Europe

We follow best practices of modern web application development

We inform our clients with possible approaches with their pros and cons so clients can make informed decisions

Our goal is to keep client’s maintenance cost low by creating configurable design

We develop applications that support multiple browsers – IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari

We provide Responsive Web Application design and development services to support mobile device browsers

KEY PLATFORMS : Microsoft .Net, ASP.Net, Java, Spring

A well architected application needs better design to convey its strength and features

The UI design need to consider multiple platforms – Phone, Tablets and Desktops; and an application should be able to render on all platforms

User Experience should be delightful and number of user clicks, touches, amount of scrolling should be reduced

Our team develops code using HTML 5, CSS 3 and jQuery to achieve the required User experience in multiple platforms

Our graphics designers create simple yet appealing UI layouts

Experience in creating Complex WinForms applications in Automotive and Manufacturing domains

Integration with various hardware devices including Vision Cameras, 3D and Laser Cameras

Several Kiosk applications with support of Bills Acceptor, Coin Acceptors, Printers, Credit Card readers

Expert in WinForms and WPF

Experience in displaying large datasets to users and manipulating it with mathematical models

KEY PLATFORMS: Microsoft .Net

Database is the real asset for any enterprise that has to be extendible and be able to support the current user requirements as well as in future

Our extensive experience designing database from scratch and maintaining it sets us apart from many of the development companies

We have designed DBs capable of storing millions of records and able to generate business intelligence reports

We analyzing Index and Keys for making fast performing queries

Expert at Stored Procedures, Functions, Views, Triggers and Jobs


Convert your applications developed using legacy tools into modern web applications

Migrate the existing data into SQL Server or other database of your choice without losing productivity

We have redeveloped applications written in Access, VBA, Classic ASP in record time with seamless transition

Legacy applications may be restricted by network, security and other infrastructure issues that can easily be overcome with Web Application deployment

KEY PLATFORMS : Microsoft .Net

We have developers experienced in SSRS and Telerik Reports

Create reports in automated batch process using windows service based scheduler

Create reports using Azure Web Service Scheduler

Email reports to intended users automatically

Generate HTML 5 reports

Exports reports to Excel with multiple tabs

Include various types of charts and graphs in Reports

KEY TOOLS : SSRS, Telerik Reporting

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