AI Software Corporates

Large Corporations:

Some of our clients include corporates in Fortune 500 club with market capital in billions. We work in close collaboration with client team to architect and develop products that contribute to a revenue of 40M. We maintain systems for a health-care client that helps serve 10K+ patients in 8 states throughout US.

We understand the importance of following client processes for a seamless project delivery. We achieve this through our team’s ability to follow the standards set forth by large corporates during different phases of the project – be it Requirement Gathering, Development, Testing and Maintenance.

Please visit our portfolio and success stories to see how we have helped large corporates to design and architect their line of business applications.

AI Software Small Business

Small to Medium Businesses:

Our long term relationship with our small to medium size businesses is rooted in one fact – we are partners in each other’s success. Our satisfaction lies in their progress and prosperity achieved through the solutions we provide. They are the catalyst to our growth and stimulating factor to set higher standards.

We are developing and maintaining some state-of-the art flagship products, client-facing portals and mobile applications to help drive our customer’s growth and automate the business processes.

For a small to medium business the cost and timeline of the project are two crucial factors for decision making. As a small business our approach is to align with the client’s priorities to develop solutions at lower cost with an architecture that is open to develop new features in next phases and is able to integrate with other systems.

If you are looking for a technology partner to maintain your applications or need us to propose a solution for your RFPs, please get in touch with us.

AI Software Start ups

Start Ups:

We value individuals with entrepreneurship qualities and working with start-ups provides an opportunity to learn things that could be the harbinger to the next big thing. Our technology innovation is inspired by the innovations in start-up community. Our relationship with start-up companies is driven by the shared passion of innovation, research and entrepreneurship.

We are not only providing services to start-up companies but investing in their future with a flexible model of cost-sharing that helps companies develop higher quality solutions at lower cost.

If you are a start-up Company looking to develop new solutions, please contact us (link) to learn how we can help you prototype your proof-of-concepts, create innovative solutions and develop minimum viable products.


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