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Big Data

Since last few years, data generation rate is increased in few folds and data is growing exponentially day by day and the same trend is going to continue in future also. Most of the generated data is unstructured data and comes from wide variety of data sources. Hence, BigData describes the data with three major characteristics; Volume, Velocity and Variety of data.

Once, a terabyte of data was considered Bigdata but now it has become just average chunk of data generated by many of the big corporations in a day. This data is a source of lot of untapped information whose potential is not realized properly.

Hadoop and related technologies like MapReduce, Hive, Impala, Pig etc. help to process BigData to get insights that would not be possible earlier. These insights can help the businesses making informed decisions – e.g. increasing the sales, measuring the satisfaction level of the customer, identifying the current market trends and knowing user sentiments over social media etc.

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AI Software is a CloudEra Connect partner.

AI Software Helps Big Data Scientists and analysists to implement solutions using the following technologies

  • Hadoop
  • MapReduce
  • Hive
  • CloudEra Impala
  • Pig


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