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Hire Remote or Onsite Angular Developers from AIS for part-time or full-time.

Angular for Web, Mobile Web,
Mobile Native and Desktop Applications

Angular is originally developed by Google as AngularJS in 2010 for front-end web development. After the adoption of AngularJS by the developer community, Google has launched an updated version of AngularJS known as "Angular", developed using TypeScript. "Angular" is an Opensource Front-End Framework. It is backed by Google and hence widely used to write re-usable code for web, mobile web, Native Mobile and Desktop Applications.

Angular provides component based code building with two-way data binding between Model and View of the front-end UI application. Among the modern front-end frameworks, the most popular ones are Angular by Google, ReactUI by Facebook and VueJS.

We have a team of experienced Angular developers with full stack development experience using Angular as front-end and .Net as back-end. AIS members have worked on several complex UI architecture applications to build Enterprise Business Apps.

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Why to hire Angular Developer from AIS?

Delivering the solutions since 2015.

Average Angular Team Experience is 5+ years.

Immense experience developing Enterprise Solutions.

Regular project tracking and reporting.

Pay for only actual work hours.

Direct Access to Developer.

Work with complete transparency.

Our Process

Requirement Gathering Propose candidates to client Facilitate technical screening Signing Statement of Work (SOW) Pilot Project or Trial Period Facilitate Ongoing Development


Onsite Developers

AIS provides onsite staff augmentation services in USA. The developers work onsite at client location in USA as part of client’s team.

Onshore or Nearshore Developers

Client can hire remote developers working at AIS facilities in Troy, Michigan, USA. The developers work as remote team in a professional work environment.

Offshore Developers

Client can hire offshore remote developers working at AIS facilities in Ahmedabad, India. The developers work as remote team in a professional work environment.