AI Software is an IT professional services and custom software development company based in Metro Detroit, Michigan with an offshore development center in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Since 2009, our team of experts has delivered cost-effective and pragmatic solutions for premium clients spanning technologies, industries, and geographies. In an effort to expand our visibility and allow more companies to leverage our unique knowledge of many different technologies, we’re very excited to announce our partnership with Clutch


Clutch is a B2B market research firm based in Washington, DC. They provide ratings and reviews for solutions and services providers. Once a company establishes a profile on the site, an analyst will rate the business using Clutch’s proprietary research methodology. They evaluate everything from the company’s service offerings and portfolio to market and web presence. As part of their process, Clutch also conducts interviews with a company’s clients. Clients are asked to share their outlook on various aspects of the collaboration, including project management, cost, and any outcomes. Written reviews are then published to the company’s profile.   


Our profile on Clutch is highly comprehensive. You can find detailed information regarding our capabilities and services. Above all, the reviews published to our profile are particularly insightful, and we’re grateful to our clients for setting aside time to participate in the interviews. Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities, and it’s helpful for the purposes of business growth and self-improvement to have a third-party verify that we are meeting our clients’ expectations. Below is some of the positive feedback shared by our customers:


“They were good to work with and were responsive. They were open to feedback and flexible in accommodating requests.” – Product Development Manager, Plastic Omnium


“They’re always willing to do the work as fast as we want it done. They’re phenomenal to work with.” – Director of Operations, IPC the Hospitalist Company


“They provided good guidance and…expertise on the exact things I needed.” – President, L3 Legal Solutions


We’re always trying to ensure that our efforts are adding value to our client’s business. The reviews of AI Software on Clutch have been highly informative. They also have the potential to help a prospective buyer fully understand our capabilities and verify that our team can deliver what it promises. Given these opportunities, we want to once again thank our clients for helping us get the utmost value out of our collaboration with Clutch!