If you are using Kendo Grid with inline editing, one issue you will observe is if user filters the rows and then wants to add new records, the empty row will not display. To fix this, the filter should be cleared so that the empty row displays. 

Here is a sample code to ensure that filter is cleared when [Add New Record] is clicked.  

//this will attach event to Add  
kendo.ui.Grid.fn.onAddClearFilter = function() 
    var grid = this; 
    grid.wrapper.find(".k-grid-add").on("click", function(e) { 
        //send to first page if it's not already 
        if (grid.pager) pager.page(1); 
        //clear the filter 
        if (grid.dataSource) grid.dataSource.filter([]); 
//the page where you have declared the grid and databinding, call above method as following: 
var grid = $("#grid-id").kendoGrid({ 
    //all your options 
//call as below 

An example of this working can be found on dojo: http://dojo.telerik.com/ofokE